Where Our Trek Began

On Thanksgiving Eve a few years ago, I found myself in a bit of a rush to chill some white wine. Luckily, Rachael Ray came to the rescue (through my computer screen) with a helpful tip, which I shared with friends and family. I realized how fun it is to share useful how to’s with others and launched my first YouTube channel, Crown Pointers, soon after. (I lived in Crown Point, San Diego…get it…Crown Pointers?!)

Since then, our team realized that we want to share more than life hacks – we want to help you achieve a higher level of happiness through healthier, deeper relationships as we learn how to do the same for ourselves. Our personal journey of self discovery, improved communication techniques, and more is allowing us to celebrate life’s big and small moments in authentic, meaningful ways.

We just think it would be rude not to share. You’re welcome.

Hi Fellow Adventurers!

It’s always a little weird to write about myself but my team says I have to, so here goes…by day, I’m a venture capitalist, but even in the boardroom, I prefer jeans and flipflops over suits and heels. In my spare time, I love starting new businesses and helping nonprofits.

I have a ton of interests and have been privileged enough to pursue a lot of them including swimming with tiger sharks in Fiji, photographing giraffes in South Africa, and piloting a small plane with my fiancé, David. I also geek out on greeting cards, scrapbooking, and the smell of Gardenias. I only watch movies with happy endings, and love learning about personality types and communication tips.

Though I’ve traveled all over the world, San Diego is my happy place because it’s where I can be close to family and never miss a Sunday dinner. My 94-year old grandmother is the best cook I know! Plus, my dad, who I run my business with, is also my tennis partner and autocross car racing buddy.

My friends can attest to the fact that I have a constant case of FOMO and aspire to someday participate in a flash mob. (Call me if you are organizing one, please!)

My guilty pleasures include eating Rice Krispy Treats, watching Scandal, and perpetually re-organizing my drawers.

As a personal-development “junkie,” and lover of community, I’m excited to share Happiness Adventure with you. I hope this will be a hub for all you lifelong-learners who want to nurture kindness and happiness in our lives and in the world.

Happily yours,


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