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The Power of Positive Connections

Happiness Adventure® is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to positive, inspiring learning covering a diverse range of topics. Join us at our one-stop, online destination as we embark on a personal journey development quest to better connect with others and deepen our relationships. Let’s celebrate life together!


Exploring Happiness

Join our host, Lisa, as she explores personal development topics ranging from communication to healthy habits.


Live with Exuberant Joy!

Every month, our team compiles a list of the best resources to connect with others, practice gratitude, nourish your body and mind, reach your potential, and play. It’s our resource guide and we call it “Joie de Vivre” because we believe we can all live with an “exuberant enjoyment of life.”


More Resources

Boost your mood, improve your sleep, and learn how to express gratitude more powerfully with the free, downloadable tools we’ve created for you by compiling advice from experts in those fields.


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